Credits of the images

The images contained on this website come from the following sources.

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James I, king of the Crown of Aragon, with a falcon. Table painting of the coffered ceiling in the medieval palace of family Conques of Montpeller, Montpeller, Musée Languedocien (ca. 1261).

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Table painting of the coffered ceiling (at the end of 13th century) gothic style, with harpies, and picture of falconry scene of la Sang church. Museu Arqueològic de Llíria (MALL).

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Hans Holbein, Portrait of Robert Cheseman, La Haya, Mauritshuis.

Aegidius Sadeler, Mechti Kuli Beg, Persian Ambassador to Prague, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Elisha Whittelsey Collection, The Elisha Whittelsey Fund, 1949, Accession Number 49,95,2202

Portrait of Philip the Handsome, Paris, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature.

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